Levelling agent for the dyeing of wool/polyamide fibre blends

Aftertreatment agent to improve the wetfastness of polyamide

Dyeing of blends of wool/polyamide with acid and metal complex dyes. Aftertreatment of dyeings and prints on polyamide in order to improve the wet fastness properties. Resisting agent for polyamide or wool against substantive dyes when dyeing blends of polyamide/cellulose or wool/cellulose.

PERIGEN EPW is an excellent levelling agent for dyeing blends of wool/polyamide. PERIGEN EPW levels out the differences in affinity of wool and polyamide yielding in even dyeings. When dyeing these fibre blends PERIGEN EPW reserves the polyamide fibre and enables level tone in tone dyeings. PERIGEN EPW avoids the staining of white ground when rinsing out prints of polyamide. PERIGEN EPW prevents direct dyes from staining the polyamide resp. wool component of polyamide/cellulose resp. wool/cellulose blends. PERIGEN EPW improves the wet fastness properties when it is applied in the aftertreatment of dyeings and prints on polyamide.

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