Dispersing agent and saponification accelerator for oligomers

Accelerator for the discontinuous alkalising of polyester and for the discontinuous splitting of bicomponent fibres

PERISOL NU is a dispersing agent and saponification accelerator for oligomers for the reductive clearing of disperse dyes. The product is also used for cleaning of dyeing machines, alkalising of polyester and splitting of PES/PA bicomponent fibres.

PERISOL NU is used in combination with caustic soda and hydrosulphite to reduce deposits of oligomers not only in reductive clearing of disperse dyeings but also for the cleaning of machines. When applying PERISOL NU the saponification of oligomers with caustic soda is accelerated significantly. By the addition of hydrosulphite or other reduction agents residues of dyestuff can also be removed. The dispersing properties intensify the removal of oligomers. PERISOL NU can also be applied as accelerator for the discontinuous alkalising of polyester. Using PERISOL NU the concentration of caustic soda can be reduced distinctly. Furthermore, the treatment time can be reduced and/or the treatment temperature can be lowered. PERISOL NU also supports the discontinuous splitting of PES/PA segment bicomponent fibres (also known as conjugate, radial, or splitting type).

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