Wetting, washing, dispersing and sequestering agent

PERLAVIN BCO is used for wetting and washing in the pretreatment of cellulosics and blends thereof. It is also suitable for washing and dyeing of cotton in a single bath process. Due to its stabilizing properties PERLAVIN BCO can be used in the peroxide bleaching of yarn or fabrics as well. PERLAVIN BCO is not enzyme toxic. Therefore it can be used in any enzymatic process.

PERLAVIN BCO is a stabilizer and washing agent for discontinuous hot peroxide bleaching of cellulosic fibres and their blends with synthetic fibres. In addition to its stabilizing properties PERLAVIN BCO has an excellent wetting and washing performance. Removed soil particles and fibre accompanying substances are well dispersed. PERLAVIN BCO offers an increased absorbency to bleached fabrics. The product is low foaming and does not contain silicate. Due to the very good washing, dispersing and sequestering properties PERLAVIN BCO is suitable for the single bath washing and dyeing of grey cotton.

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