Soil release finishing for polyester

Hydrophilising agent with antistatic properties

Finishing of textiles made of polyester. Application can be made by exhaustion process (for example in the dye bath) or by padding process.

PERIGUARD SRH offers the following properties to textiles made of 100 % polyester: -good soil release behaviour, for example impurities or stains can easier be washed out by a home laundering -reduced soil re-deposition (lower tendency to greying of clothes by home launderings) -improved hydrophilicity -lowering of the static charge -resistant against several mild washings PERIGUARD SRH can be applied by exhaustion process as well as by padding. The usage of PERIGUARD SRH in the dyeing bath increases the gliding properties and the softness of the fabric and thus reduces the crease formation. With fabrics which have not been pre-washed the accumulation and soil re-deposition of coning oils is reduced.

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