Dispersion of micro capsules containing minty perfume

Using PERICOAT MICRO MINT textiles made of native or synthetic fibres can be finished with a long lasting eucalyptus fragrance. The product is applicable on all textiles which are exposed to mechanical friction (for example garments or mattress covers).

PERICOAT MICRO MINT is a water soluble dispersion containing micro encapsulated eucalyptus perfume. The product is applied on textiles in combination with a binder, for example PERIPRET PW (based on polyacrylate). The binder is self-crosslinking at a fixation temperature of 150 °C, thus the micro capsules will be fixed on the fibre permanently. Fabrics finished with PERICOAT MICRO MINT are resistant to at least ten household wash cycles (fine wash 40 °C). The perfume in the micro capsules is released step by step by friction during the usage of the textile. As a result a refreshing and vitalising fragrance can be received.

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