Natural printing thickener

PERIGUM G/MVS8 is suitable for following applications: -printing of polyamide, wool and silk and their blends with elastane -printing of polyester, especially according to the star steaming method A combination with PERIGUM S/WS is recommend for the printing of: -printing of polyester with HT- or hot air fixation -vat dye printing or vat discharge printing For the fixation of polyester prints with superheated steam or hot air a fixation accelerator like PERIGEN EC is recommended.

PERIGUM G/MVS8 is a printing thickener for the printing of textiles. Due its high solid content PERIGUM G/MVS8 is characterized by high penetration, evenness and color yield. The product is best suited for printing on structured fabrics. After printing PERIGUM G/MVS8 the prints can be easily washed out on common washing units. In this process the product is almost insensitive to varying pH values.

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