Fluorescent whitening agent for cellulosic fibres

PERIBLANC RBU liq. is a fluorescent optical brightener for cotton and viscose fibres. The product can be used in padding processes and immersion bleach.

PERIBLANC RBU liq. is a fluorescent whitening agent with low affinity having a neutral to slightly reddish shade. The product is very well suitable to be used in the pad process, in cold pad batch bleaching as well as in resin finishing liquors up to pH 3.5. PERIBLANC RBU liq. especially shows a resistance to acid and electrolyte. Therefore, the optical brightener is suitable for the usage in resin finishing liquors. Since PERIBLANC RBU liq. shows only a low affinity tailing does not occur. When using optical brighteners in general it must be noted that already minor traces of heavy metals lead to an impairment of the degree of whiteness. This can be avoided by adding a complexing agent such as PERIQUEST BSD.

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