Fluorescent whitening agent for polyester

PERIBLANC PES conc. is an optical brightener for polyester and blends made of polyester and cellulosic fibres.

PERIBLANC PES conc. is a fluorescent whitening agent for polyester with a red shade. The product is very well suitable for the usage in bleaching liquors. It is applicable for fabrics to be molded later on. PERIBLANC PES conc. provides the following fastness properties: fastness test norm change of whiteness light fastness (ISO 105-B02) 5 – 6 water fastness (ISO 105-E0) 5 wash fastness at 40 °C (ISO 105-C06 A1S) 5 wash fastness at 60 °C (ISO 105-C06 C1S) 5 wash fastness at 95 °C (ISO 105-C06 E1S) 5 nitrogen oxides fastness (ISO 105-G01) 5 sea water fastness (ISO 105-E02) 5 dry heat fastness (ISO 105-P01) 180 °C 5 210 °C 4 – 5 perspiration fastness (ISO 105-E04) acid 5 alkaline 5 The fastness properties may vary depending on the type of fabric, the kind of application and the quantity used of PERIBLANC PES conc. When using optical brighteners in general it must be noted that already minor traces of heavy metals lead to an impairment of the degree of whiteness. This can be avoided by adding a complexing agent such as PERIQUEST BSD.

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