Formaldehyde free finishing agent and binder for pigment dyeing and printing

PERIPRET PW NEW can be used for the following applications: -binder for pigment dyes at continue dyeing processes, preferably on woven and knitted fabrics of cellulose and blends thereof with synthetic fibres -binder for pigment printings -finishing of woven fabrics and knitwear of all kinds of fibres to achieve full and soft handle effects -anti-slip finish of sensitive woven fabrics -auxiliaries to avoid rolling-up of cut fabrics

PERIPRET PW NEW is an excellent binder for pigment dyeing and pigment printing processes. Depending on the binder quantity and the pigment concentration used, a very good fastness level can be achieved. The dyeings have a very soft and not tacky handle. In addition, the application of the product offers full handle effects and further improves the slip resistance. The film of PERIPRET PW NEW is colourless, clear, flexible and not tacky. At drying temperatures above 130 °C it offers a good wash resistance.

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