Solvent for dyes and cleaning agent

PERISOL NBI/S is applied for pasting and dissolving of dyes and for cleaning of dyeing apparatus, steamers, feed tanks, padder rolls, etc.

PERISOL NBI/S has a high dissolving capacity for dyes, deposits, residues of preparations, etc. Therefore, the product is used for pasting and dissolving of dyes. Due to the formation of foam PERISOL NBI/S is also well suitable for cleaning of machines and dyeing apparatus. Because of its high dissolving capacity various lacquers are partially dissolved by the product. For this reason coated machine parts should not get in contact with PERISOL NBI/S. Furthermore, it may not be used for cleaning of printing screens. When working with protection gloves, rubber boots and rubber aprons care has to be taken because PERISOL NBI/S can influence the quality of some plastic and rubber materials. The compatibility with rubber or plastic parts (for example padder rolls and seals made of soft rubber) should be determined by pretrials.

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