Dispersing agent for dyeings with vat, disperse and naphthol dyes

PERIGEN ASW/CR is applied as dispersing agent for dyeings of cotton with vat and naphthol dyes as well as for the dyeing of polyester, polyamide and their blends with disperse dyes.

PERIGEN ASW/CR is a highly effective dispersing agent for vat, disperse and naphthol dyes. It shows no wetting or washing properties and does not retard vat and disperse dyes. PERIGEN ASW/CR improves the stability of dye baths of vat dyes avoiding precipitations of dyes. It is applied as dispersing agent for dyeings of polyester at high temperature. It keeps its dispersing properties even at temperatures above 120 °C and avoids aggregation of dyestuff remaining in the dye bath during cooling down. Also in jig or pad dyeings agglomerations of dyestuffs are avoided. After steaming PERIGEN ASW/CR relieves removing dyes not having been fixed. At acid pH value PERIGEN ASW/CR shows certain fibre affinity to wool and polyamide.

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