Hydrophilic low foaming softener for cotton knitwear and terry clothes

Softening of cellulosic fibres and their blends with all kinds of synthetic fibres, especially dyed knitwear and terry cloths on winch becks and jet dyeing machines. Finishing of cotton yarns especially on yarn dyeing machines.

PERISOFT NVJR/AVS provides cellulosic fibres with a soft handle, smoothness and a good volume. PERISOFT NVJR/AVS improves the sewability of textiles without impairing the hydrophilicity of the finished goods. As a raising lubricant PERISOFT NVJR/AVS offers a well-balanced stick-slip capacity, resulting in an optimal raising effect. PERISOFT NVJR/AVS provides yarns with a very good smoothness and can therefore be used also as softener and lubricant for yarn dyeing. Used as a yarn lubricant PERISOFT NVJR/AVS offers the necessary smoothness to the yarn surface. This reduces the gliding resistance and the gliding properties resulting thereof are very good. An application of hard paraffins is not necessary. PERISOFT NVJR/AVS is low foaming and can be used on all jet dyeing machines. PERISOFT NVJR/AVS has a very low yellowing tendency and therefore can also be used on bright dyeings and whites. At drying temperatures up to 140 °C no yellowing occurs. PERISOFT NVJR/AVS contains high amounts of aloe vera gel as well as silk protein. To aloe vera gel a regenerating and skin-caring effect is ascribed to. The silk proteins offer additional smoothness to the textile surface. Due to the aloe vera gel contained in the product the drying temperature should be kept as low as possible. Temperatures up to 100 °C are advantageous.

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