Multifunctional softener for jet application

PERISOFT JET/R is used for the softening of cotton and its blends with synthetics. It can be applied in exhaust or padding process and is also best suited for the application by jet dyeing machines or by spray process (WEKO).

PERISOFT JET/R is a highly effective softener for all kinds of fibres. Especially good effects result on cotton and its blends with synthetics. The treated fabrics show a very soft, voluminous and smooth handle. Due to the contained additives polyethylene and silicone PERISOFT JET/R improves the sewability of woven and knitted fabrics. The product is almost not foaming and can be applied by jet dyeing machine. PERISOFT JET/R is practically not yellowing up to a drying temperature of 140 °C. It can, therefore, even be used on whites and light shades.

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