Grease dissolving detergent

PERISOL NLF is applied as wetting and washing agent in the dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes and in the reductive clearing of polyester to disperse oligomers. The product is applicable on all kinds of fabrics containing preparations which are difficult to wash out, as fats, oils or waxes with high melting point. It is also suitable to remove stains from resinified and oxidised oils. Due to its excellent grease dissolving properties PERISOL NLF is suitable for the pretreatment of wool and wool blends. The product can also be applied in the dyeing of wool with acid, reactive and metal complex dyes.

PERISOL NLF provides an excellent solubilizing power for all substances being insoluble in water like fats, oils, waxes and pigments. The solvent used in PERISOL NLF is biodegradable. The product is very low foaming and can be applied on jet dyeing machines or continuous machines. It neither contains silicone nor any other defoamer. PERISOL NLF disperses oligomers in acid or alkaline dyeing bathes and during reductive clearing.

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