Viscosity of a pink printing paste is tested in the laboratory


In textile printing there are various standard printing techniques for the continuous printing of textile fabrics, for example rotary and flat screen printing. For innovative digital prints the design possibilities are almost unlimited and the technology is steadily improving. This is seen in the increased popularity of industrial ink-jet printing in textile finishing.

The dyestuff groups, which are applied in textile printing, depend on the substrate to be printed. In general, pigment, luster, glitter, or 3-D effect prints can be applied on all types of fibers. The advantage of pigment printing is that the printed fabrics only have to be dried and the binder has to be crosslinked. Reactive printing pastes are well suited for the standard printing on natural fibers. Cellulosic fibers can be printed with vat, sulphur, and direct dyes. Printing pastes with acid dyestuffs are applicable on wool, silk and polyamide. Polyester is usually printed with disperse dyes. After printing, the fabric is dried, steamed, and then washed to remove excess dye and thickener from the textile.

Our line of printing products consists of numerous printing auxiliaries as well as many products for pigment and textile ink-jet printing:

  • PERIPRINT – Printing Auxiliaries
  • PERICOAT – Binders for Pigment Printing
  • PERIJET – Auxiliaries for Ink-Jet Printing
  • PERFIXAN – Fixing Agents for Improving Fastnesses 


PERIPRINT – Printing Auxiliaries

Our PERIPRINT polymer thickeners are suitable for application in pigment printing pastes for fashionable and technical fabrics as well as for home textiles. In order to obtain a soft, pleasant handle on pigment printed textiles, we also offer PERIPRINT softeners for printing pastes. In addition, we have special printing auxiliaries for regulating viscosity and improving the running properties of pigment pastes.


PERICOAT – Binders for Pigment Printing

PERICOAT binders are characterized by soft, flexible films and good washing resistance. For particularly special prints we offer compounds which can be handled easily and safely.


PERIJET – Auxiliaries for Ink-Jet Printing

In ink-jet printing, the woven and knitted fabrics need to be specially prepared for digital printing. Brilliant and sharp prints can only be obtained with specific ink-jet pretreatment. For the various fiber substrates, we offer our special PERIJET auxiliaries which are applied on the textiles and then dried. Following this pretreatment, the fabrics can be digitally printed with the appropriate reactive, acid or disperse inks.


PERFIXAN – Fixing Agents for Improving Fastnesses

In order to achieve good contact and wash fastnesses on dyed and printed fabrics, it is essential to rinse and soap the fabric thoroughly. Soaping agents help to effectively remove poorly fixed dyestuff. Our special PERFIXAN fastness enhancers, post-treatment agents and fixing agents improve the bond of the dyestuff to the textile. This leads to considerably better color fastnesses. 

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